About My Life

Tammy Godfrey has called Southeast Idaho home for the vast majority of her life. She survived sixteen years in the military, and she is proud of almost every minute of it. After leaving the camouflage uniform behind she decided she needed to do something productive with the time tat she wasn’t taking care of her husband and kids. When she wasn’t lost in the exciting world of tax preparation, she was hitting the books at Idaho State University seeking a degree in something practical like business. During her time in the world of academia she discovered a love for writing. After spending long days and nights overcoming her fear of the blank page her first book was published in 2013. She is currently working hard on her next novel. Tammy loves everything geek, including her adorable husband, and loves working on crafty things, reading, and going to comic con. Tammy believes that Murphy’s Law has played a large part in her life. If anything weird can happen, it will. One thing that can be said about Tammy Godfrey, she’s not boring.